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Infodemia what is it?

The way the news about Corona entered the media and the fact that it is such a mass phenomena have had some influence on syntax and morphology, so a new term – infodemic – has come into use in a large number of languages in the world. Resembling the words information, infection and pandemic, it points out similarities in spreading the news and spreading viruses and epidemic.
Infodema describes the way a large number of unverified news spread due to mass access to informal and alternative media, usually the Internet. In this particular case, the news were about pandemic.
Unfortunately, infodemia is also a synonim to spreading of false news about the pandemic.

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Source and References used in creating this page:
  • WHO official site for coronavius (Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic)
  • CNN news
  • RT (Russia todey)
  • a slice of local well-known public media, that you know only if you are from Banja Luka or around the region
  • Lao Tse, The Art of War
  • Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, Media as Human Extensions
  • Internet and social networks
  • my personal opinion
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    A bit about technique and subjectivity

    Statistics is the main technique used in data processing and data classifying – or in so called data mining. Data mining can be either a serious business (in marketing, corporation menagament, by CIA, FBI, FSB...) or an individual hobby (in case of people like me).
    For browsing the Internet I used mainly the Google search engine. And I took a piece of news as valid when announced and confirmed by the two sources which do not seem to be directly connected – the CNN and the RT.
    I tried to take into account only what I thought to be proven true, but of course, everyone can decide about it for themselves.
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     'Everything hurts me. And other things as well.'

    The idea was for this site to be half-autonomic: as a part of the site www.prevare.info, but can be followed regardless of it.
    Anyway, look.

    Do we know anything about corona virus?

    In the very beginning, corona virus covid-19 was an end-news report. With time it kept moving towards the beginning and finally it became the very news itself. In the beginning, rare were those who were interested in finding out more about this plague that was threatened from far-away China.
    But as the virus kept taking its toll in the hundreds and thousands of deaths closer and closer to our regions, we were becoming more and more familiar with it.
    Some people are able to list their complete pedigree by heart - order (Nidovirales), family (Coronaviridae) and subfamily (Orthocoronavirinae).
    I am not.

    Here's what the corona virus and the disease says on its official site:
    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
    Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.
    The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face.
    The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).
    At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.
    Stay informed.

    Not much.
    I guess because for now he can't say much without speculation.
    And confusing: What It Should Mean Stay informed.
    I suppose it is a phrase with the default meaning that new information will be displayed as soon as it is available. Nothing is implied with the virus corona, so this should be said more precisely.
    For me, the only novelty and useful information is cough in the elbow.

    In the very beginning, corona virus covid-19 was an end-news report. With time it kept moving towards the beginning and finally has become the very news itself. In the beginning, rare were those who were interested in finding out more about this plague that suposedly threatened from the far-away China.
    What did you first remember about the corona virus?

    But as the virus kept taking its toll in hundreds and thousands of death closer and closer to our regions, we have been becoming more and more familiar with it.
    Some people are able to list its complete pedigree by heart – order (Nidovirales), family (Coronaviridae) and subfamily (Orthocoronavirinae).
    I am not.
    The only facts that have drawn my attention was that it originates from the virus order that attacks mostly animals, that it has mutated over the last several years and grown to attack people as well and that it cannot resist high temperatures – actually not even warm temperatures like 17 ◦C. And about the origins of its name could I conclude for myself the very first time when I saw an image of it – a shape resembling the Sun's corona.

    Each talk about this virus ends up with the conclusion that experts still do not know much detail about it, it being new and not analised enough. That any further details will be revealed only when more research is done by the scientists.
    By beginning of March, we could hear all the time that one of the few things we do know about this virus is that it cannot resist high temperatures and UV rays.
    So washing our hands in warm water kept being recomended as a simple but very effective desinfector.
    We kept being told that the virus is irresistant to high temperatures and to UV rays.

    Is Summer Going to Solve the Problem?

     And then, on 18 March 2020, Australia proclaimed the state of emergency.
    On a high summer day, that measured over 35 ͦC in most parts of Australia.
    Situation in Australia is not alarming yet, comparing to the situation other countries, with its 5919 infected, 48 dead and 2547 recovered by the date of 7 April, 2020. But what is alarming is the fact that the virus appears not to pay heed to the Australian summer.
    This fact took away our hopes that it will go away by itself and kindly rid us the threat of his existence.

    Corona virus is ignored to Australian summer, high temperatures and UV rays

    Now we are again looking forward to summer only because of cherries, strawberries and sitting in our balkonies shortsleeved.
    Secretly hoping that the virus went to Australia by mistake, not knowing that it was summer in the southern hemisphere.

    Still, keep washing your hands – there are many other illnesses arising from dirty hands.
    But now we can raise many questions about the Covid-19 concerning its (ir)resistance to high temperatures.
    Do we know anything about it at all?
    Is it a mutation within the same family, is it a natural new virus or a sintheticaly created virus?
    Would our knowledge about its origin provide us with anything useful against it?
    Theese questions lead into an ethical dilemma.
    Whence the need of experts to talk without valid arguments?
    It is all too natural for journalist to ask the questions.
    The public wants to be informed. Well, WHO says Stay informed.
    I assume that wrong answers were at first caused by scientific vanity. A reputable expert thought it reasonable to assume that some general characteristics of viruses should be attached to this one too. Others automatically followed in his steps.
    If there was any point, it would be realtively easy to track down the zero cluster of this assumtion.
    My private opinion is that it is all a result of a wrong induction (or wrong generalisation) process. Programmers know that a thorough browsing of all possibilities (bruto force) is always the best, ideal aproach and that it never fails in giving a result if only it exists. But being very time-consuming, it is a very rarely used method. The more practical method is making an algorythm that limits browsing down to a sufficient number of speciments. Well, the number of speciments was obviously insufficient in this case (only 18).
    And vanity aditionally assisted in reaching the wrong conclusions. If I didn't believe that this is what happened, I woud have to accept the conspiracy theory of a deliberate mass deception.
    As someone who has analysed hundreds cases of deception (and was a victim to at least a couple of tens) I can state that no deception can succeed if a big number of people are involved in it.
    And in this case, it was everyone who claimed that high temperature and UV rays can destroy the virus: local infectologists, heads of microbiology departments, the WHO officials.
    So it cannot be deception, but the lack of information.

    And anyway, how can the virus know wether we have washed our hands or not?

    For one of the most repeated piece of advice was exactly that: to wash our hands before and after meals.
    Very prominent (or allegedly prominent) advicors keep repeating from the equally prominent TV channels that washing our hands before after every meal shall prevent us from catching the corona virus.
    Mind you, I have no doubts that hands should be washed both before and after meals.
    What I do not understand is how the virus that we know nothing reliable of knows wether we have done it or not.
    I do understand that water, cold or hot, washes out viruses.
    We wash our hands before meal and destroy all the viruses.
    Then we eat our meal and do not wash them. And in a fathomless way viruses find it out, come back to life and boom...
    Well, it's maybe a reflex with infectologists – to say 'wash your hands before and after meals' whenever they want to say 'wash your hands'. But people who catch this disease are not in the moods for joking.
    And neither do they need useless advice.

    American Imperialism Is to Blame

    Americans used the occasion when they performed the military exercises in Wuhan and sent a special US commandos team to unleash the Corona virus - the virus previously grown in super-secret military laboratories. Analysis similar to the 'Chinese scenario' makes this theory unconvincing. America is the country whose reputation has been mostly damaged due to the Corona virus. They were totally unprepared for this challenge. Judging by the situation there, the USA is an example of a country that is not ready to face challenges of a pandemic. Which would not be the case if they had created and unleash it in a highly controlled action. And elections are near.
    The theory that this crisis has been created by the deep America and the Trump's oposition is even less convincing. The military-industrial complex are Trump's almost undivided supporters. And such a largerly scaled secret operation so much damaging for Trump and his administration would be impossible to carry out without the knowledge of the US military intelligence. And if there existed some disowned power centres who would carry it out, then we could not asign such an operation to the US state and its legal institutions.
    Theories about a hybrid biological war on China and its growing economy are simply out-dated, because the Covid hit at its strongest when it went out of the Chinese borders.

    Coronavirus Covid-19 ismilitarily meaningless and benign,, because it is life-threatening for the older population, while the younger able-bodied men (and women) as a military conscript he only briefly leaves the army machine.
    Therefore, it cannot be considered an effective biological weapon.
    The US military doctrine is based on minimizing its own casualties and to take advantage of the technological advantages that American military has over others.
    Covid-19 cannot be controlled in goal gaining military supremacy both strategically and tactically.
    All in all, the most authentic conspiracy theory would be that Covid 19 was created by the alians in order to destroy human population so that they can easily conquer the Earth.
    Is there need for me to prove this theory, or for your to disaprove it?

    Overpopulation: Pandemic - solution or a short break?

    Quite an unconvincing (and many would say stupid) theory about the Corona virus is that it c+solves the problem of overpopulation of the Earth. Beacuse the cathegory worst hit by it are elderly people, who make about 90% of victims.
    Even if this part of human population was completely swiped out, the Earth would again become overpopulated in only about ten years.
    According to statistics (and not their claims) people older than 65 are totally incapable of procreation. Their biological clock is completely in infertility zone, so for the rest of their lives they can have no significant influence on the number of newborns in the world.
    Rise in mortality would disrupt balance in natural population increase. According to a report by the WHO, average human life expectance has increased from the age of 66,5 to the age of 72 within the period between the year 2000 and 2016. Another report by the WHO gives figures for average life expectance as 78,9 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 76,3 in China, 72,4 in Russia, 78,7 in the USA, 80,9 in Germany and 81,2 – the biggest - in Japan. In the XXI century, average life expectance has increased by 5,5 years over a period of only 15 years and it kept showing lineary progressive growth. It has been estimated that Corona virus will stop this growth. The aging process can normaly be presented by a natural exponential curve that is now disrupted, but we can expect it to go back to normal within the following three or four years.
    It has been estimated that the average life expectance in China will now decrease by 2,3 years within the next five years. And due to the epidemic, we can expect rise in percentage of the young within the world's population and cease in aging of human populaton.
    But all this virus will do is to cause a break of about ten years long. Mathematically (and I emphasise: only mathematically) speaking, Belarus president Lukashenko was right when he said that an unsuccessful harvest would cause more damage than this pandemic. The British prime minister shared this opinion, but I'm not sure if he still does, given his present situation.
    So, to conclude: To try and stop the rise in average life expectance by increase in elderly population mortality by creating a crisis has not proven a good idea. Because the present stagnation is equal to local minimum and will soon be replaced by a growth function. In ten years time will it again suddenly rise and proceed growing with the same trend as in the moment when it was interrupted. And in 10 years time, with or without the elderly population - there will be 8 billions of us – or even more, for what are people to do in these times of isolation.
    However, this analysis has three big 'if'.
    The first is the assumption that within the next 20 years people with accuire natural immunity to Corona virus. And it is very probable, but not apsolutely – given how little we know of it. An event is considered probable if it will definitelly happen, but its probability must be confirmed in practice by an experiment. This model is new to us, so it can be experimentally confirmed only in time, later in future.
    The second assumption is that the virus will not mutate.
    The third is that we do not know how the virus will interact with the plagues and disesases that already exist.
    And the fourth 'if' is that fear of Lukashenko's that if the pandemic takes to long, it might result in famine. And that would endanger population of all ages and not only the elderly – and not by the pandemic itself, but by its consequences.
    As you can see, three 'ifs' have just generated the fourth one, when we merely just scratch the surface.

    So, the problem of overpopulation can not be solved by Corona virus - not by this one, at least, that only endangers 2% of the world's population, killing about 90% of infected patients older that 65.
    When exposed to these numbers, most people (including me) cannot get a realistic picture in accordance with this data, so most of us either take them as horrible or as negligible. Psychology recognises it as a problem of wrong visualisation and misreading of nonlinear quantities. (Here we deal with exponential quantities.)
    I am in possession of enough mathematical knowledge to be able to get to some realistic figures and present them in an Excell chart, but being also lazy, I am content with the fact that I have understood the problem. A question presents half the answer. So instead of an attempt to calculate it myself, I have accepted an illustration by the WHO published in the magazine Who. If you are interested in further details (not too many, though, judging by the title), you can find them in the article: Why Covid-19 is worse than the flu, in one chart. This chart reveals that the data are not horrible, nut not negligible either. But you can analyse it by yourselves.

    Modern Media and the Truth

    The starting point in MacLuhan's media theory is that a social system is structured by the nature of media that spread information and not by the information content.
    If we applied his famous theory 'Medium is the Message' to media that have reported on Corona virus Covid-19, we would be unpleasantly surprised how much he is right.
    One and the same piece of news can be reported on in so many different and convincing ways that it can take many different meanings.
    Somehow, I have an impression that the moto of allmost all new media is: Everything is right, but nothing is true.
    The reason for such ways of reporting the news is hard to explain. In most cases, it is about damaging the reputation of the person or the institution the news is about.
    Social networks like Facebook or Twitter have become absolutely dominant and hard to avoid. Everyone use the, including the WHO, the UNICEF, Trump, Putin and the Pope.
    In case of the Covid-19 pandemic, I recommend trusting the institutions, regardless of the technology and the ways they present their information.
    The news published by the Times, the CNN, the RTRS, Radio Big, Glas Srpske or Dnevni Avaz are equally valid, be they paper-printed, published on TV or on the Internet.
    Official announcements and reports are to be trusted if they come from the UN and the WHO, from your State Crisis Headquarters and the Ministry of Health, from your Town Crisis Headquarters, Clinical Centre Spokesperson and your local Surgery.
    They are in charge with the news in the world, countries and the cities. If the news prove false, they are held responsible and lose their positions in their cities and their countries. Have you ever wondered what happens with a portal editor whose name you do not know, but who publishes news without stating its source? In the worst scenario, he gets convicted of spreading false news. In most democratic countries, this tort exists only in the states of emergency.
    But how do we prove that the editor didn't have something reported with good intent, in order to try and improve the situation that was reported on? We all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    A professional news is NEVER false. Hidden goals are achieved through selection, length of the news, emphasizing and other techniques.
    These techniques are used by the editors who depend on the owners.
    So we should ask who are the owners of the Times, the CNN, the RTRS, Radio Big, Glas Srpske and Dnevni Avaz.
    All news beginning with 'confidental' and ending up with 'share this content before it gets forbidden' should righteously be considered false. No matter how much you trust the friend who has forwarded it to you. But there is no much help there: there is a mathematical model called 'Six degrees' that calculates how fast a fake news can spread around the world. This model, that s in agreement with Poncis shemes of how deception spreads, will be explained another time.

    False news existed far before the mass expansion of the Internet. The difference is that it was quite easy to track down the source of it. Today everyone in possession of the Internet connection can publish. That is why the number of false news has risen to such extents.

    Of course, there are special computer programs, so called 'fast checkers' (ABC News, FastCheck, Snopes, Politifact etc.) that can be used in tracking down fake news.
    But in spite of my trust in technology, I should recommend a simple thing rather than any of these programs, and that is: trust your common sense.

    Download the quiz  How to Identify Fake Newsin 10 Steps with a link at address. Solve the quiz. Test the news and based on the results decide whether to forward the news further.

    Bearing in mind the famous instruction on how to solve murder misteries: follow the money.

    Caring for senior citizens empathy, interest, or both?

    The golden age 65+
    Everyone from the United Nations presidents, to the chairman of the local community committee, from the WHO chief coordinator to rural GPs, with particular attention to citizens over the age of 65.
    It is as if everyone has become aware of the merits of senior citizens.
    They are the ones who built this society. And the virus targeted them as the most vulnerable part of society. Everyone is unique in trying to defend the elderly.
    Is that right?
    Did they deserve it?
    They are.
    Are they the most vulnerable?
    They are.
    Are strict self-isolation measures necessary?
    They are.
    Are they all genuinely concerned?
    Well they are
    So what's the problem?
    Well no problem.
    I'll be cruelly honest
    Being close enough to this category, I cannot be accused of recklessness and lack of tact. To me, all the more cultured young men get up on the bus. It's not a problem when young men do it, it's a problem that girls do. Remember that chanson, about a girl who smiles and ends up disappointing with her.
    The real reason for the massive 65+ warnings is the potential overload of the health system under pressure from the elderly.
    The main danger of the collapse of the health system is the inability to control the entry of the sick into the health system in a unit of time

    Very little is known about the virus. It is well known that humans are the main carriers of the virus. As we cannot influence the virus, we can affect humans. The basic strategy is to suppress the curve of the number of patients from exponential (which is fast) to linear (slower). If this does not happen the chain reaction cannot be controlled.
    The process is the same as that of a chain reaction in physics. If you do not control it, an explosion occurs. Each nuclear power plant is a potentially atomic bomb. In plants, the fission process is slowed down and controlled. With an atomic bomb, the same energy potential is immediately released and an explosion occurs. Scientists assume that the process of spreading a pandemic is done in the same model. At the moment when there are too many active elements in the system, an explosion occurs. Instead of atoms that could potentially cause a bomb to explode in a pandemic, they cause too many people to crash. Each collision is a contact with the infected person that triggers the next one. The movements of one cause a multiplicative reaction and the chain is triggered.
    When older people enter the healthcare system, they are much more demanding because of their life history.
    90% of fatal outcomes are related to this population. And before that outcome, they occupy expensive and few medical devices.
    Respirators that depend on the life of those with a more severe clinical picture depend on those appliances. And not even rich countries have enough of them. And now I can't buy them even if they have money. It would be like having a nuclear reactor and only three graphite rods to slow down the process. Professional medical staff are also missing. Nobody counted on a pandemic like this.
    Countries that have managed to control the pandemic to some extent have done so with strict restriction measures.
    Pressure stagnation can only be effectively effected by strengthening the system in the area where the pressure is exerted.
    That is why the older measures are the most stringent.

    In fact, all this has been told to you by your GP and your president of the local community and your director of the House of Health and your Crisis Head and our President of the United Nations.
    But a little softer.
    Who needs this and why such an analysis?
    The elders know this. Or at least they feel it.
    Some are offended when they hear it. But you know In Emperor Trajan goat's ears. The elders expect at least some respect.
    Not all Alzheimers have tenants.
    And when they are driven to the edge of the forest, they have the right to wait for the Red Cake. There are things to be silent about ..
    Desiring that no one 65+, no 75+ or 85+ be affected by depression due to self-isolation.
    I will quote an optimistic quote from one of the most spiritual cynics.
    Here's what George Bernard Shaw said:
    In a hundred years we will be equally old.

    Fight Against the Pandemic Is Not the Sports Competition

    Due to lack of interest in any other subjects, many media have started treating and showing the fight against Corona as a sort of competition among cuntries. Using statistical data, all sorts of charts and comparisons are being made. But such actions are pointless.
    If any serious analysis is to be conducted, a lot parameters (professionally: vectors) should be taken into account. But even if we were in possession of these vectors, they would be different for each country, due to various cultural, economic and socioeconomic factors. When only two such factors differ, for example population density and obligatory social contacts, the results for two different countries can be largerly different.
    So sheer number comparison as a way of judging success in this fight for each country leads to a basic logical mistake, like comparing apples and oranges.
    Many models were mentioned: italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, British – and they all proved unsuccessful.

    Not even Chinese method can we be certain about.
    Especially not about the benefits of copying it. Until quite recently, many experts shared president Trump's opinion that it is all about a sneeze somewhat stronger than usual, and agreed with Johnson who adviced staying in bed in order to gain immunity.
    But suddenly Johnson catches the virus himself and Trump announces that 140.000 dead is the most optimistic prediction. Still refusing to wear a mask at the press conference. Is he waiting to catch the disease in order to start listening to experts' advice?
    If he does not show respect experts, what then can we expect from his citizens?

    I will quote here what Lao Tse (Sun Tzu), a famous philosopher and creator of all war strategies, said about medicine in the introduction into his book 'The Art of War', although it is not directly connected with the topic that I discuss here:
    There is an old story telling about an ancient Chinese emperor who once asked his court physician who in his long establishing family of physicians is mostly skilled in disease treatment. The famous phyisician, whose name has over further centuries become a synonim for medicine, said:
    My oldest brother is capable of seeing potential causes of any disease and eliminate them even before the disesae itself appears. This is why he is not known anywhere outside our household. My other brother treats diseases in their very creation, and that is why he is known only within our neighborhood. As for me, I perform blood release, prescribe potions and do massages, and that is why my name is sometimes mentioned even at the court.

    Hero or villain?

    Also read the opinion of George Gao, CEO of China's Center for Disease Prevention and Prevention. George Fu Gao completed his veterinary studies but later enrolled in a doctorate in biochemistry at Oxford and a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology and virology at Harvard. His thinking was published by the Science portal
    Since this is a fraud portal, I will also give a critical tip and a link to the article Hero or villain, where Gao is accused of covering up and covering up the appearance of the virus, which actually led to the pandemic, see Hero or villain?
    Dr. Gao went into hiding and concealing the real facts, which caused a delayed reaction and led to a pandemic.
    There is doubt about his ethics, but not his competencies (see). All those who criticized and challenged him (especially from America and Europe) reluctantly admitted that different methods did not produce results.
    At least not so successful. America outnumbered China in absolute numbers and deaths. (In relative terms that would compare population and density, this is even more drastic.)
    I said fighting the crown was not a competition, and here I was, I succumbed.
    Dr. Gao's reputation, his awards and accolades,  indicate that he is the world's leading authority in the field of immunology.
    I convey most of the article, listing the most significant answers and recommendations. This opinion can be treated as a public good and so I treat it.
    Someone has to be trusted.
    "Maintaining social distance is a key strategy for controlling any infectious disease, especially if it is related to respiratory infections.

    We first used a non-pharmaceutical strategy because we did not have specific incubators, medications, and vaccines.
    It is then important to isolate all that is earned.
    Third, people in close relationship with the earned person must quarantine. They spent a lot of time looking for people, but also to review the quarantine conditions.
    Fourth, to ban public gatherings.
    Fifth, restrictive measures, "Gao states some things Europe can learn from China

    To add that for successful measures there must be understanding and consensus.
    "It takes very strong leadership, I am locally and nationally. There must be a supervisor and coordinator who works very closely with the public. Supervisors need to know who close contacts are, and those suspicious cases. Community supervisors need to be very careful .They are key, "Gao says.

    Gao considers it a great mistake for people in Europe and the USA
    "It's a big mistake in the US and Europe, in my opinion, are you people who don't mask their nose. This virus is transmitted by capillary and close contact. Drop transfer plays a very important role - you have to wear a mask because when you always speak from a drop institution. Many people have asymptomatic and presymptomatic infections. If they wear a mask, they can prevent the droplets that the nasal virus from spreading to others, "the scientist noted.
    Of the other Gao control measures, constant measurement of temperature in humans is important. "Wherever we go in China, thermometers are there. It takes people who have measured temperature to keep anyone in the house. And it really matters how stable the virus is in the environment. Because it's a wrapped virus, people are fooling it into being fragile and especially sensitive to surface temperature or humidity. But results from both Chinese and American studies have shown that it is very resilient on some surfaces. You can survive in a diverse environment. You need to answer science based here, "says Gao.
    Isolation of earned persons is also very important.
    "Infected people need to be isolated. That's how it should be everywhere. Covid-19 can only be controlled if its source of income is removed. For this reason, we have built temporary hospitals and turned stadiums into hospitals," the Chinese scientist said.

    True heroes

    The fact that fewer people have died in one country is the success of that state and that nation. If someone deserves a medal then it's the medical professionals. I will give the horrific numbers presented by Carlo Palermo, President of the Italian Medical Association Anao Asomed, on the situation 4.4.2020.
    Italy runs out of doctors. Among physicians, nurses and other nursing staff, 120 died and 11,252 were infected. This is more than 10% of the total number infected. Medical staff in Italy are under "unbearable and inconceivable" stress as they risk their lives in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, a representative of the Italian Medical Union said. "They face death every day, it's not easy. They even replaced priests because they give the last communion," said Palermo.

    Think about this. Congratulations and applause are not enough.

    China wants to show who is the most powerful in the world ...

    There are two conflicting conspiracy theories:
    For the first time, China has produced the Crown Virus to show the world that it is No. 1 in the world and to tackle its overpopulation problem by the way.
    Proponents of this theory halved their voices when China was able to contain the epidemic, without massive massacre. There are many dead in China, but less than those in the USA, Italy or Spain ... Absolute, and especially ptocentual numbers show that China has coped better in the crisis to cause a pandemic. If we take the ratio of population and casualties, then this is several times more negative for developed countries.
    This has led to a gradual transformation into a new one, with the basic thesis that China has developed this virus to divert the problem from the democratic unrest and market problems it has.
    And they went on a little quiet with another theory: They breed and eat bats and dogs ... no wonder this got us
    Solving democratic problems by producing health seems convincing. The state of need and pressure creates solidarity.
    The Chinese have dealt with health problems relatively and effectively.

    Democratic societies have a harder time coping with the crisis.
    If the goal of causing the crisis was to dismantle the superiority of the dictatorial regime over the democratic in crisis situations, China has succeeded and democratic societies need to find an effective response to the crisis. chVSusa
    The health crisis causes and raises many economic issues.
    Western developed societies have a problem with public health. Public health is inadequate and far below the level of development of these countries. The rich are treated in private clinics and the poor die in public hospitals. That's not right, but it's bearable while the death toll is bearable.
    The crisis caused by the virus coronary pandemic already has dire consequences and causes great dissatisfaction among citizens. Discontent causes pressure on authorities to announce a re-evaluation of public health and social solidarity issues.

    The Chicago school of liberal capitalism has long been in deep crisis and has fewer and fewer supporters.
    The assumption is that there will have to be some kind of Marshall Plan and solidarity in the West. In contrast, the western system will collapse on its own.
    All the great empires, from the Persian and Roman empires to the present day, have failed because of internal problems.
    The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact simply collapsed because of the citizens' desire for a better life The collapse of socialism led to the abandonment and loss of many of the rights that the "small" citizens of Western capitalist countries were granted during the duration of the socialist regimes. The "masters" gave these rights (from union rights, shortening working hours, protection at work, paid holidays and social and protective benefits, favorable loans, to free education and health care) fearing the alluring semblance of equality offered by the Soviet Union. Workers in the Soviet Union had great rights "on paper" and too few goods in shops.
    In the end, the market beat the story of rights.
    When the Soviet Union disappeared and the threats it posed to the "bosses", the rights given to the "small" seemed too great. Everyone should be content to live in a land of the free and the brave, or at least to dream of such a life. Not everyone can be rich. Everyone has an equal chance of being rich. Some may be a little bigger, but everyone has the right to dream that shared dream. (American dream). The internet, technology and Hollywood were all trying to lure them into the virtual world of dreams.
    The Chinese did not fully embrace the dream, but aware of its appeal, they entered the market by their own rules. The market opened but controlled. The standard is rising but controlled. Humans are free but controlled. Some (especially outside China) say that the state is getting mixed up and controlling everything. To take too much and control the capable and all who do not "play" according to party rules.

    Next year, China was expected to surpass America in terms of total industrial output. One thing is forgotten. This means that the average Chinese is "only" five times poorer than the average American.
    In some medium-term period (the next thirty years), the comparison of the living standards of Chinese and Americans cannot be expected to make Americans want to live as Chinese.
    It is hardly possible that the Chinese were not aware of this, so that they caused a crisis and a direct conflict.
    Here, too, we will quote a quote from Lao Cu (known not only to Chinese strategists but also to Chinese children): ... if budgets show that our forces are superior, the temple will be judged to be victorious in appearance; but when we are weaker than the enemy by our calculations, it indicates defeat. By making a multitude of budgets, we can win; with little we can’t.
    It seems unbelievable (stupid to be precise) that the Chinese have triggered a crisis in which they will be moral winners for a couple of months (and even a couple of years) of how long the memory of the crisis will last until it is sunk into economic reality:
    What is lunch tomorrow and what kind of tennis shoes can I buy for my child?

    It may be an exaggerated comparison, but China's advantage in 5G technology is similar to the Soviet Union's advantage when it sent Gagarin into space.
    Let the neighbors the cow dies
    You don't believe that "Chinese shadow rulers" and bankers who want to rule the world read Lao Ce? I don't know if there are shadow rulers, and for Chinese bankers I'm sure they read it. You do not doubt that they know a lot about the stock market and stocks.
    Then it is easy to show that the thesis that they are behind the pandemic is unjustified.
    China's economy depends directly on exports. The crisis triggered in the west will have a more direct effect on China itself. Reducing consumption will lead to a decrease in purchases of Chinese goods. Stock exchanges have already shown this. Stocks of almost all companies have fallen. With the exception of those who manufacture medical and protective equipment. If viewed generally, Chinese companies are the worst of the past and are rated by the stock markets as losers. It is impossible (especially for me) to give a cross section by branch, but the fact that China owes 90% of its development to exports and will now be deprived of a significant percentage of exports. Forecasts say that after many years of economic growth, the Chinese can expect a recession. in the rub of two to three years according to the most optimistic forecasts.
    The recession is also expected by all other countries, but it will be smaller as production is less export dependent. China can only count on a market recovery when interest in its goods re-emerges, which means that buyers will soon recover. What has been an asset for years, a large percentage of exports, has now turned into a disadvantage.
    These facts do not deserve the Nobel Prize in Economics. This is the elementary knowledge of the economic "student". That is why it is difficult to dispute. Just as in mathematics it is clear to everyone that 2 + 2 = 4 this would be something that is a little harder to refute. And for bankers ruling the world, it's hard to imagine that they were surprised by the projected decline in the value of Chinese stocks. The crown may be. But what are the consequences of the appearance of the crown will not surprise them.
    Some other economies and economies based primarily on the aviation, auto, tourism, service, sports, entertainment and energy sectors will experience even more declines in value than China (based on cheap consumer goods production). I leave the analysis of optimization and loss recovery to another. It seems to me insignificantly unlikely that the concept of letting a neighbor a church cow be the trigger for a world crisis. A game where I lose, but the other loses even more, so actually I win, I understand. But with this number of "vectors" and time, I don't see that it's a Chinese game.
    To them, the Chinese respond that a large nation, such as themselves, must plan its development and that without the intervention of the state chaos would ensue..

    Who is to blame?
    Again, I blame aliens from Mars.
    Something simple happens.

    Eating habits and a small school of movie messages

    According to one theory, the pandemic was due to the poor living conditions and dietary habits of the Chinese.
    This theory is supported by those groups of conspiracy theorists who base their existence on a distorted mindset that often goes into racism. They are concerned about the fate of the world and have secret information, but secret societies and rulers of the world prevent them from communicating to everyone. Because when others heard them, they would immediately accept all their views.
    Also: Chinese should be taught to live as Westerners, otherwise they will destroy themselves and the rest of the world with their unhealthy lives
    The corona virus was created because the Chinese are traditionally a nation without hygienic habits, which eats rats and bats.
    Until China adapts to the Western lifestyle, there will be a litter of contagion.

    That the Chinese are a nation that enjoys dirt does not deserve comment.

    To illustrate Chinese (non) culture, a movie about their cuisine has been spread around the internet to illustrate this.

    The movie is reportedly from a market in Wuhan. I will not give the link, but I will offer you some questions and statements to think about.
    Do Indigenous Chinese "Beverage" Kitchen Workers Participate in the Movie?
    If the actors are "naturists" then they are above average stupid and enjoy being presented that way.

    Is the film a documentary?
    Is the film authentic?

    As for Chinese eating habits, some are repulsive to me as well.
    I only eat Kentucky chickens when I have to choose between starvation and McDonald's.
    I have no intention of ever tasting Chinese specialties in the form of snakes, bats, rats, badgers and dogs. But I'm not sure they taste worse than the Ketaki specialties. Not to mention the "humane" conditions in which Kentucky chickens wait for slaughter. I've watched (and you can find) some movies about "ticking" them with hormones and GMO concentrates practically "eating themselves" and their own feces, so my rat farms don't seem like a dark relic of the past.
    I don't even know how he would associate "crazy" cows with the Chinese
    And in order to believe in the good intentions of the filmmaker from the Wuhan Market, they also had to offer me a way to prepare at least a Peking duck and a shitaku chicken with mushrooms.
    A little movie digression
    Did you watch "The Worst Movie in the World"? I recommend.
    And as for the documentary (?) About La Cuisine de Vuhan, and officially the greatest documentary filmmaker of all time, Cigavertov (Dziga Vertov see what Brittany says) leaves the dilemma of what is set and what is real. His "movie eyes" have a completely contemporary approach.
    You do not need to be a film editing expert to enjoy the scenes and realities of his film stories.
    The story of virtual reality introduced into the film by the Matrix is a bit appalling.
    If товарищу Denis Arkadiyevich were added Partykamerad Lena would have come to the point that it is not necessary to philosophize too much.
    One can justify anything.
    And it makes sense in the trash. Well, beauties if you ask Worhol.
    Viruses cause strange digressions ...

    When it comes to food, one of the consequences of isolation, self-isolation, and forced loss of social contacts is the change in culinary habits. The fast food industry, regardless of home delivery, is collapsing, or at least on its knees. Any evil for some good.
    But getting rid of unhealthy foods did not free us from obesity. Excess leisure with no physical activity has turned into excess pounds. Thus, the deprivation of one bad habit has led to another no less harmful and dangerous one: We eat healthier and we are thicker.
    More on that, maybe in the next topic maybe; see announcement at the bottom (in the footer). Culinary-themed websites and portals have become very popular over the last ten years. Even the author of this portal did not resist this attack, so as part of the presentation on Banja Luka he realized the portal: Al´ eats well here.
    If you haven't looked at Vuhan cuisine, you may be interested in Banja Luka. Find out more about Banja Luka kabobs, steaks, candies, countryside poles, bunygur and beer by clicking on: Banja Luka gastro guide.

    The Eyes of Darkness and Dean Kontz as the Prophet of the Coronavirus

    Look at the Eyes of Darkness...

    With the advent of the virus corona, various theories have emerged that the virus has been artificially made and long ready.
    One of the pieces of evidence was the book in which it was announced. Quotations from that book describing a virus and an epidemic that starts in China in the city of Wuhan are offered as evidence.
    Which is what happened. And it can't be accidental.
    It's too concrete to be accidental ...
    This is the book The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz's The Eyes of Darkness.

    As for Dean Kunz, there are numerous controversies regarding his life and work, which can be found on Wikipedia and in some of his many articles about him. It is undisputed that as a writer he was very successful. He has written 45 books that have been sold for an incredible 450 million copies, making him one of the most successful bestselling writers.
    The use of fanzines to promote his books remained controversial. The most interesting thing to me is that one novel was written under the pseudonym of his dog's name.
    Otherwise, he used pseudonyms very often (admits 10). He is also reportedly the writer of a dozen erotic pornographic novels he denies.
    How does he know that? Who told him?

    As for the allegations in Kunc's book The Eyes of Darkness, where he announces a worldwide pandemic with the Vukan 400 virus, I will highlight two things.
    First, according to the Asian portal Mashable, the differences between the actual happenings and the book's action are large. In Kunc's novel, the Vuhan-400 was developed as a biological weapon outside the city of Vuhan, to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth. The mortality rate of this virus is 100%, that is, everyone who gets infected dies. Coronavirus, on the other hand, has a mortality rate of less than 2%.
    Secondly, Kunca novels belong to the thriller genre and often contain elements of horror, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and satire. As in other novels, they contain many real-life details.
    If you were to take the writer's imagination to the information that that writer received from some spies and aliens and gods, then Gil Vern would be the greatest spy, or prophet of all time. Photos of the pages of the book are posted on social networks (and here also), with marked quotes that speak about the similarity of the fictitious virus with the current Kovid-19. Zoom in and see for yourself.

    Common sense agnostics also remind me of the somewhat more prosaic answer contained in The Thousand Monkeys Theorem for a Thousand Years.
    The infinite monkey theorem states that by hitting a typewriter randomly on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite period of time, it will almost certainly print a given text, such as William Shakespeare's collected works.
    If you're not a mathematician or a programmer, and you find the theorem interesting, look for it under that name: The Infinite Monkey Theorem.
    Its practical engineering implementation is in line with the concept of the Turing machine - computer, on which you are looking at this text. If you look at your phone, any smartphone is a fifth generation computer.

    For zoom lovers.
    I've been looking for a book called Hajduk on the Danube by Jules Verne for a long time (see - zoom in on the collage above this one that starts with Melville's spike of the moon and ends with the pilgrims, back right).
    The book is about hajduks from Serbia ((maybe a better translation would be Pirates of the Danube). If you have information about the possibility of getting this book in Serbian at a reasonable price, please contact me.

    As an additional curiosity related to Žila Verna, I will mention that in his work "Matijaš Sandorf" he describes some motives of the famous Pazin Caves and Pazin Castle.
    As far as we know, Vern has never visited either Serbia or Croatia.

    Fake hygienist cleaner:coronavirus and reckless robbers

    There are groups around the world (or at least rumors of groups) posing as hygienists in charge of disinfecting your home. If you have not heard that a disinfection operation is being carried out in your area on that day, refuse to let “hygienists” into your house / apartment. In this time of crisis, unannounced arrival in the media is usually a sign that they are trying to deceive you. Fraudsters are well prepared, not often announced by phone. Toilets, basements are disinfected, disinfection is mandatory, and if you do not do so, you will face a heavy fine.
    With this announcement, you MUST ask for an identification and a competent service, which you could call to check if disinfection is really the action of a sanitary service. Failure to give you a number is a sure sign that they are fraudsters.
    Even when they give you a number, don't call, call the police and get notified of the action. The police will let you know what this is really about.
    Victim cheats are selected by elderly and infirm persons. If they find a younger person when entering the apartment, formally two minutes will be kept in the apartment, sprayed with sanitary facilities and protected by masks, a suit and leave the apartment.
    If they estimate that the tenants are powerless, they buy more and more valuable things.
    Powerless and unprotected persons are left without material possessions, often exposed to physical harassment and extortion of money.

    Stress and material damage are the mildest consequences of these "fake hygienists".

    Don't Be Paranoid (Correspondence Theory, Gates and Kaspersky)

    Rumors of celebrities and less celebrities
    If synthetically made normally it is part of a virtual war
    Whether the virus left the lab or whether it naturally mutated will remain a mystery.
    Except for those who made it. (?!)
    Being paranoid doesn't mean I'm not being followed!
    If all the global networks have become involved in monitoring the virus corona. The isolation created an additional need for virtual aids. Thus, on the day President Trump announced the crisis, internet usage increased by 30%. Only for one day. Due to increased interest, the technical capacity of the existing communication infrastructure is also called into question. Everyone sits in the house. And those who have been avoiding are now finding the only source of entertainment and information on the Internet. Well, here you are, too, having fun following an article just for the sake of the crown.
    This has led to an increase in the already large number of fake news. The Internet has long been used as a means of war
    It is about virtual, viral and hybrid war.
    In this war, all the means of the classical war are applied, and false rumors are one of the basic means. nano and micro whatever it's a little something ...
    We have already cited one example of questionable news in the case of Chinese scientist Dr. Gu.

    The American pandam in that case is a professor from Hrvard. You probably have read at least one article under the heading Selling Crown Virus to China !? The article states that a professor from Hardwad University is head of the department of chemistry and biology, arrested with two other Chinese. There are indications that they have sold the corona virus to the Chinese state.
    This would be the title and subtitle, and the text, depending on the source, explains that one does not really know why Professor Charles Liebers was arrested. That it happened in January and everyone released was released on $ 1 million bail. That they are no longer seen, and that they are related to corrupt practices, which they will say by receiving bribes. Other than working at the Department of Chemistry and Biology and collaborating with Chinese professors, it's hard to relate to viruses. He is an expert in nanotechnology, which has nothing to do with microbiology.
    Even the physical order of magnitude of the observed particles is 1000 times different. I would say that nature is different too, some are artificial and others are natural, but that is precisely the subject of the rumor. The virus was created artificially, so it makes sense for it to be made by an electronic technician.
    According to Reuters, based on the investigation and Factcheck.org (which we mentioned), Professor Liebers' arrest has nothing to do with the coronary virus. It has been investigated that Professor Libers and associates were first brought into the corona virus virus in February, more than a month after he was released from custody. The emergence of news coincided with the escalation of the epidemic in Wuhan
    Over the next month, she surfed the internet unharmed, and then within a few days, she was 79,000 times shared on Facebook alone. Only then was it judged to be false and banned (forbidden). So 80,000 believed her.
    I could list a dozen more of these, but two are enough to illustrate. One hit a celebrity and the other "little people" nonthetically made normal to be part of a virtual war
    Correspondence theory

    The theory of correspondence (also known as  Theory of Answers) was founded by Aristotle. I have no intention of explaining it, I would just remind her of her basic premise that it is difficult to distinguish truth from lies. It's about agreeing with what we judge and what it is, no matter how we judge it.
    There are numerous examples of the use and application of this theory in practice.
    One of the possible examples we just saw.
    A denial is announced, with the aim of making the news heard.
    If I were to tell lies, no one would be able to reliably determine whether I was telling a lie or the truth ...

    How to distinguish a lie from the truth

    How to Make a Fake Mail Address
    Bill Gates Fake Message: What Does the Corona Virus Teach Us (“What is the Corona / Covid-19 Really Teaching us?”)
    Message Turned To Be False There have been up to two verified accounts, national daily newspapers and Instagram sites. the message was seen and for the most part millions believed.
    This raised the issue of online anonymity again.

    Fake email account
    A fake email account is easy to create. There are two ways to accept this claim.
    The first way is to look at the movie at How to Make a Fake Email ... The goal of this site is not to teach you how to cheat, but to show you how to do it. The film demonstrates slightly older versions of software (XP) and simulated local (localhost) work, but the state is no different from powerful servers. By standard, they have to accept messages from your phones, tablets, laptops. A powerful server will raise security and prevent a fake message from reaching it, but it does not have the ability to prevent that message from traveling on the network. This is still an extreme simplification. There is no anonymity online, just a semblance of anonymity
    Hiding an IP address is a signal for all security services to follow. How is that signal generated? it simply does not match the address from which you send your email with the address you put (or hide) in the header of your letter.
    Let's simplify this. Communication Prophet dictates the existence of an IP address that represents the number that identifies the computer, The name (username) of your email does not bind to your computer, but when sending a message, the email and the computer from which it was sent are always remembered (always defined by whom and from whom it was sent e-mail - you cannot access the e-mail server without introducing yourself). You may impersonate yourself, but it will be a problem to impersonate the computer you are sending the mail from. So everything is as simple as a model. But it's not quite that simple
    Take a look at the message movement protection machin of the message according to the current ipv6 standard, which includes IP address protection.
    This is simplified in the illustration as a final part of the first way of convincing yourself that any skilled software expert can "hack" yours and use both your IP address and email.
    There are, however, very few such estimates by 1 in 5 professional developers. (Developers, not computer users).
    Another way is to confide in me the word that it is possible to remain anonymous, but not completely,
    Especially if the content you send is provocative or safely interesting. Satisfy the explanations given above or type in an ETF.

    A particular trap for naïve servers is that you send supposedly anonymous messages.
    The utmost simplification of using free crypto methods (free servers, or free, is to call the attention of security agencies. It is as if you are running a bull waving a red flag to confuse it. If you cannot develop covert messaging methods within other messages yourself then you are doomed to be You can understand this conditionally, someone else can do it for you, but the other person will not waste their precious time giving the fruit of the work to you for free.
    Again, without wanting to be understood as More, you can look at the prevare.jnfo portal, this is still the story of the corona and ways of abusing the fear of the corona.
    Let's continue with Gates ...
    Gates (as the richest man in the world) and his foundation are certainly subject to the protection of both public and private institutions. Since the work of these institutions is conspiratorial, I will not analyze them. I will let your imagination round the breakthrough in the software protection circle of the richest man in the world, who is synonymous with software.
    Corporate reputation is the most important item in determining the value of a stock market. Admittedly, the reputation of Microsoft, but of the foundation and of Gates itself, is not directly compromised. Objectively, it's one and the same. It's not a neck, it's a neck. Public interest in the Crown virus was seized to attack a corporation estimated at $ 1 trillion. (This is a European term, we would say a trillion in America.)
    The compromising news about the Foundation (which Gates will say because it uses the official logo) has an interesting trajectory.
    A backwards search has reliably established that she first reported to South Africa, then "crawled" to France, then exploded across the world via several US influential (and reputable) accounts (Facebook above all).
    What to hope for us, the others, Or the goal was just to show it, the internet is so powerful and democratic that it equates everything.
    Further confusing in the Gates case is the length of time that the letter remained "legal." Specifically, it was "spinning" a few days before it was officially declared false. The content of the news is irrelevant and bizarre where Gates announces that he has created a vaccine to destroy Africa.
    The original author is most often referred to by the French doctor Didieru Raoult. Rolo is the creator of the drug chloroquine (see bookmark below), which has successfully battled malaria and potentially malignant 19. It is unclear how this has bothered the Bill Gates Foundation and threatened a reputable doctor who is fighting philanthropically in Africa. When he was charged, the doctor apparently renounced the letter. Did the author get scared when he found out that he was discovered or was he another scapegoat? The reputation of Biola Gates as the greatest philanthropist in the world has been largely shaken. If he ever had one.
    And one reputable doctor has earned the reputation of being a fake news creator. Or a windmill fighter who gave up.

    I find it strange how powerful Microsoft and its PR services react so late? It was not about the hours but days before the anti-campaign was launched against the contents of the letter. Even I, in the Balkans on two local televisions (whom I would not disturb the reputation of because they do not know how to use fact cheker) heard the rumors of this letter.
    This news is still hot and full of twists and turns. Take a look at the cover that was current 3.4.2020. Everything became as tangled as in the Spanish series. You know: I just found out I was my grandfather's father ...
    In the introduction, we explained the simply possible "fake" IP address from which the email was sent.
    And that everyone is vulnerable to attack from that address.

    That is why the addresses of everyone who keeps to themselves is carefully protected by powerful software tools, and who doesn't have such tools if they don't have Microsoft?
    Or it was not a carefully guarded corporate address, but to the charity Foundation of Bill and Melinda.
    Here is what the Foundation answers in its official address from its Nairobi headquarters. In my opinion, quite bureaucratic, emotionless and lukewarm.
    Many are wondering if there are only humanitarian reasons for being based in Nairobi.
    I realized from the Foundation's response that it is not always easy for the rich.
    Billy is not my favorite character so I will try to be objective.
    He and his corporation are being attacked by the combined forces of all hackers and hackers as a symbol of the empire of evil and monopoly.
    A bunch of different things (and least of all due to support) Gates and Microsoft are the subject of many social media groups, various forums and blogs.

    I can't resist offering you to look at the complete 2019 case guide (in the form of an analysis) on the Security Intelligence Blog View the details of Multistage Attack Delivers BillGates, everything from block diagram to script code is available.

    Finally, an example of a professional "upside down" saw how the news is marketed.
    First, readers get interested. Then the news is presented. It is ultimately said to be false. Or even the facsimile is struck by the label that it is false. Check out the link where the BBC explains some of the fake news about Corona
    The good side of the news over the Gates tape is being told by well-informed skeptics
    The good side of public pressure is the makers of fake news, say eternal optimists
    Facebook, Twitter, Google GOOG, + 0.09% and YouTube announce the biggest fight against fake news
    In their statement, they emphasize that they will pay special attention to news about the corona virus. This will also block access to news in certain areas.
    What did the software giants agree on an avalanche of fake news on kovid19 on social networks?
    I read three articles and concluded that the journalists who asked them did not receive an answer.
    But they were given clear instructions to create an image in the public that they were concerned about fake news and would do anything to prevent it from happening. If they had set up a joint headquarters to solve these problems, there were no specific tasks and deadlines for solving the problem. One is emphasizing (in all three articles) the soldier's terminology (staff, joint forces ...), probably in the states of emergency situation in which they operate.
    The only specific conclusion could be shed light on the sentence: Until we find out if the news is true, we will not delete it, but we will not give it to those who we think are interested in watching it.
    That's enough, they haven't touched her before, until proven false. Now it must be proved, or verified, that it is true. The decision refers to times of crisis (in times of crisis-emergency) that the US government and Trump have formalized special restrictions on the risk of a pandemic.
    It takes time to prove the abuse. In the case of a coronal virus, there is no time. And the machine (automatically supported by 24/7 computers) fact checker requires final validation by an authorized person-person. Which does the analysis and makes the final judgment on the news.
    During this time, the provider until the final verdict, the suspicious news will be made inaccessible to citizens who are estimated to be directly affected.
    As an explanation and an example already applied, they cited panic-filled news across Singapore, and access was denied to Singaporeans.

    Explanation is an example, or deceit, or nonsense.
    The news should either be removed and banned for all, or left for everyone. This just redirects internet traffic to other servers. And so we came to the ARPA and the NSA (it's not like you mean space agency, then you don't really read this text, you just look at it) So the National Weapons Development Agency and the National Security Agency designed the internet back in the sixties. It was not called the Internet at the time, it was designed as an alternative means of communication in the event that the Soviet Union destroyed a public communications infrastructure within America by a sudden atomic shock. The basic conditions for this system were that it had the possibility of self-renewal and seeking and establishing alternative ways of communication. That's how it says on the introductory pages of all the books that explain the emergence of the Internet.
    Seventy years later, the affiliate software giants are offering a solution that cuts across known news directions (some trajectories) that lead to a known destination. In doing so, it leaves untouched all the alternative routes and paths that can be reached.
    And these alternative routes are designed to withstand nuclear shock and allow the establishment of lines of communication at full capacity. The network is designed so that when one arm of communication is broken, it establishes a connection with the other through the third.
    The principle of operation and interconnections of servers and client / server access to information on them is an example of an efficient self-renewing path without uniquely structured paths.
    The recommendation to cut off one-way communication is an ill-conceived alibi that will satisfy only the naive and the ignorant.

    Referring to the experiences of China that similarly intersects (banning) the availability of information is not sustainable.
    It could provide a number of technical details for the analysis, and I think the market roundness and tradition of discarding anything outside China is enough. The lack of need and opportunity to be different is part of the Chinese tradition, which others (any other) can hardly accept. Suffice it to say that they built the Chinese wall to protect themselves from others. Not that it didn't occur to others, but no one did it successfully.
    It is rare for the average Chinese to access something that is not Chinese, and he does not feel this disadvantage at all, as a disadvantage but as an advantage.

    The good side, which could be read between the lines, is that Kaspersky's initiative to finalize regulation on the Internet will be discussed.
    Kaspersky (Evgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky) is a former KGB operative trained in software support and surveillance of the Soviet army. After the collapse of the USSR he went into private waters and with his wife founded the company Kasperski Lab. He sees some of the controversy about Kaspersky on a site of the Russian Hackers prevare.info site. (it may be picture of a young KGB office enough reason to visit this site)
    For years, he has been advocating (he, the company and his wife, who divorced him in the meantime, and remained one of the company's most important shareholders) for introducing rules to the internet. The West rejects this with the explanation that it is effective, but there is great potential for abuse; or to put it simply: More expensive pie crust.
    A November gathering of SAS (not the UK but the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS)) is announced for November this year (2020). If you are interested and if Spain (18-20.11.2020) has overcome the crisis by then, think and look at the program. The title of the seminar is Due to the COVID-19 (#coronavirus) outbreak and the risks.
    I hope Kaspersky won't mind that I used the SAS conference background (walpaper) for illustration. And I'm sure his team will analyze this site.
    I'm not in good judgment, but in my good intentions I am. I share concerns about the misuse of technology, as shown by the design of the SAS site
    I do not see the answer and offer a paraphrase of Churchill:
    the internet is the worst form of communication possible but there is no better one at the moment.

    Legal regulation seems certain, though rules and clear regulation are not the "first peak" of the West. Kaspersky is known to most people as synonymous with antivirus software. Selling security software has become a billionaire. He is labeled a bad guy in the American public .. You can find various rumors about him (and some may not be). His firm's products are blacklisted by the US government for allegedly being used for espionage purposes.
    Let's continue with most of the closer topics
    One of the whirlwinds in a BBC article is about fake helicopters:
    Helicopters release disinfectant
    Helicopters do not release disinfectant. None of which has any particular harm or benefit. A classic example of a dog, the so-called hoax fraud that has no direct material benefit. See more about some other examples of hoax scams on the Scams website. The helicopter rumor is indestructible. It is associated with various disasters, from earthquakes, floods and now to virus coronas. The message circulates in various forms around Vocap and other places: it instructs people to stay inside because over a period of time helicopters will start releasing disinfectant into the air to eradicate the corona virus. People are in the houses anyway, there is no helicopter and the virus remains.
    To recount an urban legend from this domain.

    During the Soviet Union, there was a shortage of everything, and soap was common. Unsatisfied with the amount of his rational pursuit, a clerk in the morning made tea with a story that he received half a pound of soap at Arbat (Moscow district) at a bargain price. The story goes a long way, his story is transmitted over the phone by a coffee cook who served tea to his aunt, auntie aunt ... After half an hour the clerk calls his best friend and confides to him that he has heard from confidential sources that soap is being distributed on Arbat. The official laughed sweetly. After two hours he gets a call from his aunt to hurry to Arbat because the soap is being distributed. He was already sourly laughing. In the evening when he returned home he found a row outside the Arbat shop. The last man in line tells him the soap has arrived, and it's American. And the clerk stood in line. Who knows, maybe the soap has really arrived. It can't be that so many people make mistakes.

    Gebels, the media manipulation master, claimed that 100 times the repeated lie became true.
    Is there a cure? Yes, but they won't tell us ...
    WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: "At WHO, we are fighting not only viruses but also trolls and conspiracy theorists who are undermining our response."
    Here's my advice:

    Take half a liter of homemade plum brandy, three deciliters of "Zvečevo" cognac, a deciliter of "Ruby" brandy and one small glass of tequila. Finely chop two small heads of garlic into this mixture and squeeze the juice of 10 lemons. Mix all this with a liter of white pea wine. Stir gently, gently; you know, "Shaken, not stirred."
    Allow to stand in a cool place overnight.
    Before eating early in the morning before sunrise, drink the made up mixture.
    Drink this soft drink lightly for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your age.
    For swallowing, use wild boar bacon. If for religious or digestive reasons you do not eat pork, you can replace it with 10 to 15 blankets of sheep litter, but exclusively from sheep with black fleece.
    This sensational drink elixir will solve all your coronavirus problems.
    Really, you will die of a miraculous elixir and the virus can do nothing more.
    If you survive, the virus is not guaranteed to be in an organism that can receive two liters of this medicine in five minutes.
    Otherwise, this recipe is no worse than a dozen that are supposedly serious.
    The recipe is an homage to the time this site was created. This site is part of the prevare.info site. The prevare.info site had as its first content a recipe for How to Become a Millionaire and Stay Fair. I kept the recipe with the instructions in the site's archives as a reminder of that time. If you want to see what he looked like click on the picture of cheerful drunks. You will get the front page and continue to manage yourself.
    I warn, design and transparency are not our overriding goal now. I give you a chance to see what it used to be like.

    For those with a hyperbola brandy example, here is a slightly milder form, which you may have received as a message. I will endeavor to retain the essence of such a message without seeking it again. Geographic determinants were invented as were the names of the characters.
    You know what: Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental.
    fake mail
    ph lemonade treatment
    Forward, your friends may not know, Confidential & Verified

    Under the pressure of the medical lobby, a strictly kept secret remains: The virus can be treated simply naturally.
    Maryland scientists have found that Covid 19 is immune to acidic solutions with a pH greater than 12. These are high concentration acidic solutions (14 is the maximum in nature).
    As a preventative measure, it is enough to drink an unsweetened glass of lemonade every morning and evening, in which you will squeeze two medium-sized lemons. During the day, drink half a glass of half a lemon lemonade every four hours. Thus, your oral cavity will always be slightly acidic, and it has been shown that this microclimate does not respond to the virus. Do not forget to take an increased dose in the evening, as this will prevent the required pH ratio from changing in your sleep. If you forget the evening dose, double it in the morning. If possible, use lemon based preparations (best limuntos).
    If you have received this notice late and are already suffering from an infection, it is necessary to provide acidification of the organism without disturbing the balance of RBA factors in the blood, which is well known to all who have received chemotherapy.
    If you drink a liter of lemonade pre-emptively and regularly, kvid-19 is powerless.
    The oral cavity is the site through which the virus enters the body through the airways. If we prevent passage by placing a thin emulsion on the epithelium of the oral cavity and oral mucosa, we preventively prevent 94 percent of cases of infection.
    The leader of the team who made these sensational revelations disappeared.
    Send this news to all your friends labeled Confidential & Verified.

    I did not believe in the three days I spent in the hellish isolation of our isolation center. Then I read this guide and in three days everything went drastically better.
    After five days all the findings were negative, I was cured.

    Doctors asked me how I managed?
    When I conveyed to them, they shrugged and said that they knew about the lemon treatment, but that they had to obey the official instructions.
    My experience is evidence that the medical lobby invents diseases and expensive drugs, not paying attention to our patients.
    I was spilled for 10 KM which cost 2 pounds of lemon.
    Since then, I regularly get three lemons and consume them. Thanks to my advice, no one in my family had a problem with the corona virus.
    Unfortunately, our dealers are no better. The price of lemon has gone up to the sky, and I have a problem with the supply.

    I wonder when I will get this message from some of my worried friend.
    Common Sense vs. Fact Checking
    We mentioned Fact Checking at the beginning of this page, so in this simple example we will demonstrate its use.
    Remember and did you use the quiz offered?
    How would the common sense method come to make this message originate (used as a basis for creating variation)? This is obvious and simple here.
    If the message uses the drug's instructions and contains ph, lemon and Maryland and 94 percent, the news is 100% false and originated from me.
    Otherwise, there are a few rappers in this post who, regardless of variations, will allow me to recognize her as my own.
    The confirmation would be when it comes to three matches with 5 rappers.

    This is an example of common sense analysis, and fact checkers use vectors that have billions of words, where repetition is found within the pattern.
    You are being monitored daily.
    Don't believe it?
    Then how do you get the sudden messages about the products you just bought on Amazon three days ago?

    In the real world, it takes a certain amount of time and the drug is validated on a large enough sample to be considered effective.
    And if they would unite (and say they would) all the minds of the world would take at least a year.
    Until then, all announcements are just that: announcements. And nothing more. The competition of who will be louder.
    In the real world, it takes a certain amount of time and the drug is validated on a large enough sample to be considered effective. And if they would unite (and say they would) all the minds of the world would take at least a year.
    Until then, all announcements are just that: announcements. And nothing more. The competition of who will be louder.

    The Russians announce a cure for the corona. Роспотребнадзор: Announced that more animal testing will begin more...

    Australians announce crown cure: BBC Australian scientists begin tests of potential vaccines more ...

    Americans Announce Crown Remedy The New York Times: F.D.A. Approves First Coronavirus Antibody Test in U.S. more...

    The French have a cure for the crown. What is Chloroquine?
    France's news in English What is chloroquine and why do some French scientists believe it could treat coronavirus? more... Chloroquine is a previously known drug used as a malaria drug. Some patients who used it for malaria were also cured of the virus coronas.
    And so the legend was born: there is a cure ?!
    The problem is you can't get it anywhere else, so much demand for it.
    Drug testing has never been performed on a representative number of samples, or according to prescribed test and time procedures. Patients do not have time to wait. No significant contraindications are known (ie risk groups are known) and it has been accepted as a successful treatment adjuvant. In the absence of a better one, it is considered good enough and (especially in France) recommended as a treatment aid.
    The search for and pursuit of a successful cure is continuing, and especially a vaccine that would be preventative.
    For chloroquine and related derivatives (hydroxychloroquine), WHO says there is no definitive evidence that they work (but neither do they claim to be a placebo).
    At a press briefing, the omniscient Trump made a comment worthy of Walter:
    "What can you lose? Take it."
    The pill medications are bought at pharmacies
    pazi It is strictly recommended that medicines be purchased only at authorized establishments (pharmacies) and sold only on the recommendation (prescription) of a physician. However, the sale of beautiful products prevails, and there are already sales of hope. There is a good chance that you will choose an original drug to get a surrogate. In shortages, the overwhelming see their chance.
    See WHO official warning on 9/4/2020 on counterfeit chloroquine packaging: Medical Product Warning no. 4 circulating in the WHO African Region

    It is especially dangerous to buy medicines online. The smuggling of the left and the sale of the fake left threatens to take over the primacy of smuggling weapons and narcotics.
    See the WHO article on web commerce: TAKING THREATS from counterfeit drugs.
    According to Healthcar estimates from 2019, the total global market for beautiful drugs has grown to $ 200 billion.
    Be careful fraudsters lurk from everywhere.

    Dangerous computer games

    Some of the big software game makers are now offering free games. Supposedly as a contribution to the fight against the Crown.
    You can see in the picture, and look for 5 games on Amazon for free this month. (Five games, all free this month for Amazon Prime subscribers (and Twitch users))
    I would ask myself, based on the ad, are they only human to their subscribers? They don't care about the others. Thanks for that.
    For those who are not subscribers, I recommend visiting a dedicated site for those in self-isolation Coronavirus: the best free-to-play games to play during self-isolation.

    There are also unknown games. They are most often the product of software enthusiasts and enthusiasts. However, there are criminals and mentally ill people among developers.
    Remember the suicidal effects of the 2018 Blue Kit game.
    And still the current game "Momo", which is spreading through the popular app "Whatsapp". If you have children, be sure to check out what they are playing. Strategies Plague Inc. experienced a renaissance
    The game was designed by IT company Ndemic Creations and appeared 8 years ago.
    The idea is for the player to cause a pandemic before the scientists find the cure !!! The ultimate goal of the game is achieved by “ending human history.” An interesting strategy.
    8 years after its release, the game has become the best-selling app in China. Most psychologists justify this as a way to deal with fears about the virus. Why do people like horror movies?
    The game has been downloaded more than 120 million times since 2012 and has been nominated for numerous awards.
    One user of China's social media platform Weibo wrote: "The best way to eliminate fear is to look at fear in the face."

    Here, we will focus on unscrupulous hackers who use their programs to gain material profit through classic fraud methods.
    There are two basic techniques they use:
    One is to insert a "Trojan" worm into your program that "searches for your computer in search of any data it may later misuse.
    Defending against this is a good antivirus program. The recommendation would be paid, this type of software comes from hackers, so any "hacked" antivirus is potentially a source of fraud.
    If you don't have the money to get some free antivirus, it's much safer than hacked.
    Another approach is the "fishing" technique, phishing. This approach is trust-based and is legally a petty scam. The fraudster misleads the victim and the victim agrees to entrust him with misused information.
    Users are asked for confidential and personal information. Otherwise, personal information is given, and especially through the Internet, only to someone you know personally or to authorized persons.

    Cheaters can be very persuasive: they need the information to make it easier for you to pay, to save your account, to reduce your loan installment, to revalue ... if they present themselves as bank employees (which is most often the case). The bank officer will NEVER request this information via tefon or email. He has this information, and when an accident occurs (which is extremely rare) he will always discreetly ask you to come to the bank in person.
    An even more suspicious call is when they allegedly call you from the police or the post office asking for your identification information on the phone.
    Have you wondered what the postman will do to your JMBG and signature scanned.
    Many have become victims of this and unwanted guarantors pay unwanted annuities.
    We need to provide authorized persons with information, friends and acquaintances we can.

    Are you sure the email that arrived has been sent by your friend?
    You may have met the fake emails in the previous topic.

    Home page WHO of 4/12/2020, Look here for more, Inernet can be a useful tool

    WHO has two domains (.int) and (.gov) that have the same theme Coronavirus Kovid 19

    The coronavirus wanders the world fraud and ignorance has tried to educate you on how to deal with the scams that follow the Kovid virus coronary pandemic19

    Sometimes we tried to defend ourselves with humor, sometimes with math, art and science, and necessarily common sense and optimism.


    Single websites, as a form, often have the desire to be an indicator that what was stated on them was the opinion of the author at some point.
    In the case of Korona in the world of fraud, it was shown by a comment at the very end that shows when I gave up writing further. That is to say, things will happen later and new facts emerge.
    And it happened. And it will happen. Panta Rei ...

    President Trump's opinion and decision on the WHO's denial of further financial assistance to the WHO for misconduct during the global crisis caused by the pandemic-19 pandemic is an outlier.
    I cannot stay without comment. (Here as such is emphasized by the frame.)

    Sublimated in opinion I agree with:
    Probably no one is right. But making a decision to withhold financial aid from the WHO is like deciding to cut the water supply hose for firefighters rushing to intervene ...
    Who should be the new supreme authority in matters of the medical profession?
    President Trump?

    Better reforms are probably needed. But withholding financial support and changing the WHO now and immediately, it is practically a blackmail that is likely to have a counter-effect.
    The Trump controversy further complicates the pandemic situation.
    Will his administration's opinion be one of the decisive factors for future elections?
    In his decision, Trump acknowledged that his government's reaction and the measures it was taking were wrong. He cited the wrong source of information about the pandemic his administration received from the WHO as the culprit for the wrong measures taken by his government.
    Whether that is a convincing enough explanation will be decided by the voters in the next election. Trump still does not wear a mask.
    That doesn't mean she'll be right. Whether they vote for Trump or against him ...
    For a relaxing look at one collection Cartoons: President Trump speaks as coronavirus the Mercury News..
    In doing so, the relationship between this magazine and the Democrats should be considered. The caricatures are not always well-intentioned, but the masters are witty.

    All the more skilled politicians, and Trump is indisputably so, are skillfully avoiding things that do not suit them. The Kovid 19 theme does not fit Trump. But it cannot be avoided. That's why bizarre details stand out instead of insisting.
    What does Kovid 19 have to do with the freedom to carry a weapon?
    Trump is clearly well versed in the implementation of Chaos Theory (see wikipedia's article on this theory).
    The theory goes, "If a butterfly swings its wings in Beijing, it can cause a hurricane in Florida."
    American citizens should not be left free to buy hunting carbines, but also colts and magnums at the time of the pandemic.
    They can also defend the American way of life when needed. It's not clear how, but it looks like they can defend themselves against Quidditch-19, but also against the Chinese.

    Until then, they wait for Tuesday after the first Monday in November

    What else happened 04/17/2020.

    China changes the way statistics are calculated, the number of dead increased
    Again, allegations of China's responsibility for the spread of the Korona virus are up-to-date.
    Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China and the US have been exchanging allegations about who is responsible for the current crisis, whether it is the cause of the outbreak or its spread.

    Chloroquine is approved by America as a cure for patients with coronary virus Although the expert public is not convinced of the effectiveness of this drug, treatment of patients with corona in hospital conditions is beginning.

    Serbia starts producing chloroquine
    04/17/2020. Production of chloroquine against COVID-19 started at Galenica.

    Introduction to Economic War?

    The accusations that are being heard more and more often no longer refer to China as someone who calculated and intentionally caused a viral pandemic.
    Instead, the allegations have been replaced by new ones in which China is accused of inappropriate response after the outbreak of the virus. On these charges, China, or the Chinese authorities, did not act appropriately after learning of the danger. Instead of a timely reaction, they tried to cover up and cover up the matter. This alleged cover-up attempt led to a pandemic and tragic consequences. When the Chinese authorities were "forced" to admit what was happening, it was too late. The disease was largely catching up. Instead of cutting off with responsible action initially because of irresponsible behavior, a worldwide pandemic has occurred, and because of the introduction of isolation and self-isolation measures, the entire world economy is suffering damage.
    Some of the world's leading leaders have taken these positions. As an illustration, take a look at some controversial clips from President Trump's press conferences where he says China will have to tell us...
    A slightly stronger sneeze ?!
    In support of the prosecution's arguments is China's controversial attitude toward Dr. Li Venliang.
    Ophthalmologist Li Vnliang informed his group of colleagues at the School of Medicine on the Chinese messaging app that seven patients from a local seafood market suffering from SARS-like illness were quarantined at his hospital in Wuhan. Dr. Li Wenliang was the first to discover the spread of a virus that he thought resembled SARS. A month later, he himself passed away from what is now known as coronavirus
    The death of an ophthalmologist, a thirty-four-year-old Li Wenliang infected by a patient in Wuhan, comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping assures US President Donald Trump that China is doing everything in its power to fight the virus that has killed more than 640 and infected more than 31,000 people . "Nothing is easy, but it will be successful, especially if the weather gets warmer and the virus, hopefully, gets weaker," the US president wrote on Twitter, adding that there is great discipline in China

    By clicking on the image that illustrates the line of corona propagation here, you will go to the site where the image was taken from and be able to zoom in and analyze each detail.
    See some more time charts.
    For more details on the maps provided by WHO WHO Timeline - COVID-19
    Your attention deserves and a series of overview diagrams and comparisons in the article Visual timeline pits COVID-19 against Black Death, smallpox and AIDS
    It seems to me that the most compelling review is an extremely transparent animated gif a timeline of the coronavirus outbreak
    Comparison and time display can help to understand reaction times and responsibilities.
    Drastic reparations or economic sanctions?

    If China's Guilt were proven in court attempting to collect damages would be counter-productive. China's economy is unable to pay "war reparations" sufficient to repair the damage to the world economy.
    British tabloids have calculated that British damage alone will be in the thousands of billions of dollars. Conventional economics and math aren't even there words that describe those numbers (more than $ 1 trillion). The average person can hardly estimate the value of $ 1 million. And this is about millions of millions ...

    The Treaty of Versailles imposed similar reparations on Germany. We know the tragic consequences of these reparations. I hope world leaders are aware of this, too.
    I suspect there will be a kind of "economic" war to deal with the recession, by imposing some kind of sanctions on China.
    We are left with a sad fate to become aware of the means and consequences that will be used in this economic war.

    A little optimism for the end

    A little optimism feeds the news reported by the Iranian News Agency I convey this news completely and completely uncritically. It has been sufficiently analyzed by the mass media. Iranian Elder (103) Defeats Corona Virus: Completely recovered, left hospital
    The woman was hospitalized in the city of Semnan, about 180 kilometers east of Tehran, reported by an IRNA Iranian news agency, without specifying the name of the person.
    Referring to Semnan Navid Danaji, the director of Semnan University Health Center, the agency states that the woman was "allowed to leave the hospital after she fully recovered."
    Bravo. According to the Iranian agency, it is another patient who is of deep old age and who has been cured.
    He cites the case of a man from Kreman, in southeast Iran who survived viral pneumonia at the age of 91, although he already had problems with hypertension and asthma. The sequel follows? I quit because I doubt I'm getting bored.
    In case of interest, and Google Analitisc will show if there were any, I announce the follow-up next month ... Estimated interest (as justification for laziness and non-writing) is one million visitors to both versions of this site; this one you are looking at and English versions. Aim or justification for reluctance? Assess for yourself. As a possible sequel I announce:
    How isolation affects our psyche ...
    Or what my idol Ostap Bender would say: Ideas are mine, money is yours... Finally, something that has become a major issue that has arisen during isolation and self-isolation:

    It is not a problem what to do during a pandemic, it is a problem what to do when a pandemic passes

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